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How Peoples-Ad works

Peoples-Ad lets you earn cash on all sales that come from your posts.

Shop at your favourite store

Do your online shopping like you normally do. At the confirmation page after checkout, you will receive an invite to start sharing using Peoples-Ad.

Share to social media

Log in to Peoples-Ad and share a post about your purchase to Facebook or Twitter. Then motivate your friends to click on your post and buy awesome products from your favourite store.

Earn cash

You will earn a set percentage of all the sales that come from your posts, and also from every unique click generated by your post. You can withdraw your cash directly from the Peoples-Ad portal.

Video - How Peoples-Ad works

Sharing process

It's easy to start earning money

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Are you a business?

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No upfront costs

It doesn't cost anything to get Peoples-Ad set up on your store. You only pay for unique clicks and a commission on the sales. You decide the rate and the cost per click. There is nothing more to pay.

Word of mouth advertising

The best salesperson is a happy customer that wants to tell their friends about the business. By using Peoples-Ad, your customers will start to talk about your business.

Easy to implement

Peoples-Ad is already set up to work with Shopify and WooCommerce, and will become available for all major platforms. The plugin can also easily be installed on a custom platform.

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